Being a Policeman: A Silent Sacrifice

Being a police officer can be seen (depending to who you ask) as the work of a hero or the first door into corruption, but this work keeps little known secrets that would astonish many, There are countless stories of corruption, criminal infiltration and even abuse of all kinds, but this doesn’t mean all cops are bad or corrupt.
What we can call a legitimate truth is that the rights of the police officers are not respected, their salaries are too low if we take into account that their lives are at risk most of the time and that their schedules sometimes reach 29 continuous hours, which means they have to stay up for more than a whole day while they are working in their offices or in the field, stopping criminals or answering calls for help.
On the other hand there is favoritism when it comes to raising the salary or rank of a police man, without connections it will not really matter how much you try or how good you are, you will continue with your base salary and without advancing in your career.
Not to mention that in many stations the delivery of new uniforms is frequently delayed, and on a documented occasion the problem was so bad that the officers were forced to report the case to the state, only to be punished by the police station, buying them uniforms not suitable for the type of weather and of incorrect sizes.
And as these cases there are many more that are not documented, and despite all the abuses that the authorities receive most of the population ignores these facts and does not respect the policemen who work so hard for the good of the citizens.
My opinion is that before judging we truly know the facts from both points of view, perhaps we would feel empathy for the situations that officers go through so that we can live a little safer.