Is it necessary to buy kids bulletproof backpacks?

Why would a kid have to protect himself/herself against bullets? Well, it is true that nowadays you can no longer believe that your children will be completely safe at school (a place that should guarantee the safety of children). That’s why, as parents, you need to take as many cautions as possible to protect your children, and a bulletproof backpack is not an exception.

From 2009 to 2018, 288 school shootings have been recorded in the United States, and even today, with many security measures that have been implemented in last years, it is still not possible to think that nothing like that will happen again. Buying a kids bulletproof backpack should be seen as an obligatory action for parents since children are ones that will be in a dangerous situation.

After buying it, it is strictly necessary to teach children how to correctly protect themselves with it. The way to use it is as follows: Lie on the floor holding the backpack in front of you by the shoulder strapsMake sure that the backpack and your body form a straight lineBe sure that your head and back are specially protected from lost bullets.

Of course, this procedure may only be followed in an extreme situation where the kid is in extreme danger, and only after following the school’s emergency protocol. If the kid lives in a dangerous neighborhood, you should also verify that the backpack you are buying has some kind of alarm to alert near people of the situation of the kid, so they can help.

Finally, you need to realize that the safety of your children is priceless, so, please don’t hesitate when buying this backpack armor, because if something happens, there is a chance that this backpack armor could be the only thing between your kid and a bullet.