Understanding the 20/20 Brace

There is no disputing the fact that the Recover 20/20 Brace is a useful tool for firearm enthusiasts everywhere. For many individuals, it has developed a solid reputation, but what about the opinion of the rest of the people? Here are some things to keep in mind:

Pistols Braces – A Solid Addition For Your Firearm

One of the best inventions to modernize firearms would have to be the pistol brace, and the Recover 20/20 Brace would be at the top of that list. First of all, the Recover Brace is great at making your weapons a little less clumsy, and that is definitely the case with your Glock as well. Additionally, this attachment will make your Glock appear a lot bigger as well.

The Recover 20/20 – An Exciting Design

Perhaps one of the main reasons why this brace is so exciting for many firearms enthusiasts would have to be because you can add some brace to a regular medium frame Glock pistol. Do you want plenty of brace action with your Glock? Well, this is one way to do it because both the compact and full-size Glocks will benefit from this addition. However, do be aware that this brace will not work well for any type of 80 Lower Glock.

How Does the Recover 20/20 Work?

Now that we know that the Recover 20/20 will work with the Glock firearm, we should fully investigate just how it works in the first place. When your purchase your Recover 20/20, you will also receive an Allen wrench with it and this will help you to fully attach it to your Glock. Additionally, you will want to install one of the included charging handles as well before adding it to your Glock. Finally, once the item is nestled in the brace, you’re ready to work on the slide. Be aware that it can be a bit tricky before you get some practice in.

Recover 20/20 – The Tiers

Finally, when it comes to the Recover 20/20, you also have the tiers to consider. Of course, the most affordable variant would have to be the brace. However, choosing one of the higher tiers has the advantage of getting rails, a sling, and even a holster. Either way, even if you go with the simplest tier you only pay 100 bucks and you get a lot of bang for it. You will definitely enjoy these 20/20 options and it will absolutely improve your Glock performance!